Bureau De Bank - design that tells stories

About us


We are Bureau de Bank. We design. We tell stories.


Interior design for all non-residential spaces such as offices, retail, catering or healthcare facilities.
Product design for custom furniture, such as counters, desks, bars and lighting.
Concept and development of custom design solutions, such as business gifts.
It's not about subject or size; it's about the story.


We combine your brand identity with a little fantasy to create a personal result,
as green as we can.


We are a small company with a large network of experts, which makes communication always direct and specialist solutions easily found.
Through lateral thinking, we are able to work on all scales, from a 5-cm business gift to a 25-storey office building.
Not being inherently big spenders; we can work with all budgets.


Please take a look at the stories we've told so far on our projects page.
If you have any questions, or wish to make an appointment to get acquainted, feel free to contact us.

Our clients include: NedSpine, KLM, SelektVracht, Nest Sammelstiftung, Mary K Hotel, ClubOffice, Theater Hotel Figi, Stichting PVP, Huis van de Sport

Bureau de Bank is a design studio founded in 2004 in a former bank office by designers Hans van Veen and Floortje Donia, who studied together at Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Initially emerging as pure product designers, their scope has broadened over the years, resulting in multidisciplinary ventures. Now located in downtown Utrecht, an hour’s drive from their original office, Bureau de Bank works on a variety of projects in both interior and product design.