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Huis van de Sport

In November 2006 His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Alexander officially opened (check this out!) this multifunctional office space where 12 Dutch national sports federations reside. They share amenities such as meeting rooms, facility services and the main entrance welcome desk.

The main idea for the interior design was to centre the attention to the large atrium in the middle of the building, which all offices oversee. This space offers a village square-like atmosphere and functionality; the users (employees and guests) can meet, work, communicate, eat and relax in the designated areas.

To give these areas their own identity in the large glass room, we derived a color concept from the Olympic Games logo. A glance from one of the fly-over passages will show the trick; each amenity has its own olympic color, corresponding with the ring when projecting the logo onto the layout.

Hoovering over the reception desk (yellow ring) there is the enormous chandelier we constructed from over 200 trophies collected by the participating federations


The blue corner offers reading tables, short meeting options and a coffeebar, all custom designed


Guests take a seat in the black waiting area, with large plasma screens with live sports broadcasts


The restaurant has a playful layout with custom tables. When put aside, the space can be used for honourings of winning athletes


A bright red bar for small events and the necessary relaxation during break time


During large events such as the Olympics or a world championship, all staff can watch together on a big screen in the restaurant