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iErnest is a collection of handmade products from genuine leather with european origin. originating from our product and interior design studio, iErnest is what started out as your regular friday-afternoon-with-a-beer-project. for our own iPhones in need of a better cover, we created a wallet, which, after many inquiries from strangers and friends, has led to us setting up our own production line. after a year of crafting the wallets ourselves in our workshop, we found a reliable european partner for production and we can finally start sending them out into the world in larger numbers. by continuously adding new products to the collection, iErnest has now turned into a real brand with high quality hand crafted smartware for your electronics.


Handmade genuine leather wallet for iPhone 4/4s, available in various colours.

the iErnest iPhone wallets are available in 2 different versions: Cardholder and Vertical.
the basis is the same, attach the phone into the black aluminium mounting and you`re good to go! while using the phone you can either leave the flap hanging, but you can also fold it to the back if you prefer. no need to take it out while talking on the phone, charging or taking a picture, and all buttons are easy to reach. it doesn`t cover any of the front of your iPhone, which gives you the freedom to focus only on what`s important: your touch screen.

the Cardholder allows you to put a couple of credit cards in the wallet. the placement of the slot ensures that the cards cannot scratch your screen. for proper closure of the wallet we recommend a maximum of 3 credit cards.

the Vertical was developed for people who like the iErnest style, but prefer the more conventional vertical orientation.

They are available in our webshop.